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We specialise in languages and soft skills for business.
Soft skills are hard to learn and crucial for success in business.
We offer a range of courses for in-company training or online. Cognissima opens up new geographical and cultural regions to businesses through language training in virtually any world language relevant to business. Other training areas include personal development tools such as critical thinking and mindfulness techniques for enhanced professional performance.


Quick Start

Just let us know when you want to start and what's your time availability. We'll be able to organise the first class within 4 working days. CONTACT US NOW

Mandarin and Cantonese

Chinese languages open up the world's biggest market for business, and is an important piece of personal competitive advantage in the modern job or business market. We offer a team of highly-qualified chinese linguists and professional teachers for courses of spoken or written Chinese.


European or Brazilian Portuguese? And how about the specificities of African Portuguese? Personal relations or doing business in Portuguese-speaking countries in Europe, South America or Africa requires a good grasp of the right kind of Portuguese so you get the most out of it.


European or Latin American Spanish in tailored individual or small group courses. In-company training, at the students home or at our permises in London or in full immersion courses through our worldwide network of partners in Spanish speaking countries.

World languages

We offer one to one training in most world languages. Just register indicating the language you'd like to learn
We cover all the major world languages an even some not so welll-known! We'll get in touch within 24 hours of your regitsration, with the profile of a tutor, and a concrete proposal. Try us. Trust us!

Critical Thinking

How can you deal with today's flood of information to make sensible judgements and decisions? By equipping yourself with vital skills in critical thinking, which enhance logical and practical judgement.

Mindfulness for Business

Mindfulness techniques are good for stress management, but crucially enhance strategic and leadership abilities by increasing clear, non-judgemental and non-worrying thought processes